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Tile Installation Spring, Texas

Professional tile installation by Planet Green includes tile flooring, bathroom and kitchen tile installation, and repair of existing and damaged tile anywhere throughout your home. With a vast array of different types of tile to choose from, we are sure to find the perfect fit for each room.

Tile Installation: Spring, Texas

  • Bathroom tiles
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Tile Flooring
  • Shower tiles

Tile Installation Process

We begin by creating a detailed floor plan and creating layout lines throughout the room. We can create these layout lines by snapping chalk line from all 4 walls across the floor is the easiest way to do this. We use these lines as markers to show us where to begin laying the tile while being sure that the tile is centered with the room.

Once the lines are evenly drawn, we dry-fit the tiles towards the edge of the wall to ensure proper fitting. This allows us to make specific cuts to the end pieces so that they fit seamlessly.

Tile Installation Services

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