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Painting Services Spring, Texas

One of the quickest and most affordable ways to renovate your home is with fresh, vibrant paint. Planet Green’s expert Harris County painting service is only a call away.

Interior Painting: Spring, Texas

Painting your home can literally transform the look and feel of your entire home. Using the correct colors, we can achieve your desired feel of an entire room. Planet Green painters can add warmth to any room through use of specific wall coloring and accents areas.

Certain colors may be more difficult to apply properly. This is why choosing a professional painting company to re-paint your Spring home’s interior is so important.

Painting Services Spring Texas

Exterior Painting: Spring, Texas

Your home’s exterior paint gets far more wear and tear than the interior. Harsh weather conditions take its toll on paint, causing it to fade and chip over time. This is why you may notice that the paint on your siding or finishing trim is cracked and peeling.

Planet Green’s exterior painting services begin with stripping and removing the old paint so that we have a clean canvas to work with. Once the original paint has been completely removed, we then apply coats of your new color choice throughout every area. Because your home’s siding is subject to harsh conditions such as rain, hail, sunlight and water, we apply several coats of paint so that it stands the test of time, lengthening the amount of time needed before your next repaint.

Every Process Covered in Your Exterior Painting Project

  • Paint Removal
  • Color Matching
  • Re-painting
  • Paint Sealing

Planet Green only uses the highest quality paint brands to ensure vibrant colors that last for a long time. No matter what your next Harris County painting project requires, Contact Planet Green at (281) 960-4994.

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