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About Planet Green Irrigation

Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor

About Planet Green and Service

Planet Green is family owned and operated with over 15 years of experience in the irrigation and home services business. We had humble beginnings providing landscaping and mowing services to commercial and residential properties in and around the Spring and Houston areas.

We quickly expanded, however, as the demands for commercial and residential irrigation and drainage systems rapidly increased. This lead us to moving away from mowing services and minimal landscaping services to largely irrigation work.

W Irrigation is a seasonal industry, as homeowners and commercial properties tend to focus on their landscape and gardens more in the spring and summer months. When irrigation work would slow down during the winter months we would offer our services in home repairs or remodeling.

Over the years, our well-established relationships with professional landscapers, homebuilders, and construction companies in the area, allowed us to begin incorporating home remodeling services throughout the year adding to the total customer experience with Planet Green.

Recently our vision to provide top-notch customer service has further expanded to offer customizable membership and maintenance packages to meet commercial property and residential homeowners needs!

Our Values

As business owners, firefighters, and military professionals our core values of honesty, integrity, consistency, work ethic and quality are at the very heart of our operations!

Our Mission

Above all else, we value our customer’s satisfaction by providing them ‘quality’ workmanship. We strive to continue providing and offering our customer’s the best that we can offer of ourselves and our company! .

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