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Sprinkler Repair Spring TX

Homeowners all over the country want to see their lawn in a lush, green state. For this reason, most of them will go out of their way to ensure regular maintenance of their home or property. However, it is, indeed, a struggle to maintain one’s landscape in perfect condition without a sprinkler system. A healthy lawn must have a lawn sprinkler system that is efficient and convenient. Beautifying the lawn says a lot about how you value your home, and your neighbors will appreciate it as well. Do you like to know how to make your landscape the talk of the town in your neighborhood?

Of course, it will take some work but think about the attractive space a sprinkler system can give you a space where you can sit and enjoy with your friends and family. You can water your lawn with a hose, but why do you do that when the sprinkler system can also do it in half the time? Also, the lawn sprinkler system will irrigate your lawn evenly. With today’s creative and innovative technology, keeping the landscape lush and healthy is no longer the job you have to do.

You need to have an efficient system, but you also need to select the right sprinkler system to get the best results.

Not sure which sprinklers to get? Contact us today at Planet Green TX to guide you on the best options you can choose from.

Lawn Sprinkler System

The people of Spring and The Woodlands know who to call for a sprinkler system to give them their landscape #goals. Planet Green TX has been the leading local irrigation contractor here for over a decade. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to make an excellent sprinkler system design for your home or property in Spring, Texas, and nearby areas. We ensure that the layout of your sprinkler system provides the best coverage for your landscape. There are many lawn sprinkler systems installation companies around, but make sure you’re working with a licensed irrigator like Planet Green.

The sprinkler system is an upgrade to any home. They provide the right amount of water at the ideal time, optimizing the irrigation of your yard. If you want gorgeous green grass, you need to consider a sprinkler system. Our costs are competitive, and we value transparent pricing when it comes to the sprinkler system’s cost. We know that it is essential for customers that we provide fair and up-front pricing.

Sprinkler Repair Spring TX

A lot of home and property owners are relying on having a quality sprinkler system that works well to keep their bushes, trees, plants, and flowers looking green and healthy. In many cases, we rarely think of the irrigation system unless something goes wrong with it. Hiring a professional sprinkler system company in Spring, TX, to make regular sprinkler system service and repair checks can help you prevent problems brought about by faulty sprinkler systems. Seasonal controls and services can be conducted on time to help protect your system from damage and malfunction. Any needed repairs to the irrigation system can be fixed on-site. The repair and maintenance of your sprinkler system are vital to keeping your landscaping in your Spring home or property at its best.

The main idea of having a sprinkler system installed in your Spring home or property is that your lawn can be watered automatically on a preset schedule. You don’t have to think about it. As a result, our sprinkler systems are often ignored. We’re not paying attention to basic things like irrigation repair and service, neglecting them until they stop working, or a geyser shoots up from somewhere in your landscape. Without appropriate maintenance of the sprinkler system and seasonal service, even the best quality irrigation system will eventually break down require sprinkler system repair.

How often does an irrigation system need to be maintained and serviced? The response will depend on different factors, including the system’s age, the frequency of use, whether the system has been turned off for any length of time, the coverage area’s size, and the area where the system is installed. Call us today, and we will make sure that your sprinkler system goes back to its optimum running condition. More info about Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler System Repair

It might be hard when to get in touch with your home irrigation repair and service sprinkler system, and when you can take care of the repairs yourself. While the average homeowner may undertake some small repairs, certain situations necessitate a Planet Green TX expert’s skills and experience. Below is a list of typical concerns that we can handle for you.

Broken Pipes – If you have pipes above or underground that are faulty or cracked, it’s time to call an expert. We can help you fix damaged pipes that have been broken over time or due to neglect. In a lot of cases, we would have to dig to get down to and repair the service pipes, which is absolutely a job for the pros.

Busted Sprinkler Heads – Another typical irrigation system repair issue is busted sprinkler heads. There are a lot of parts in the typical sprinkler head, which means that many things can become faulty. They can be altered, crushed, broken, and even pulled out of the ground by lawnmowers or foot traffic. They may also be misaligned or clogged, thus requiring proper adjustment and clearing to function properly.

Reduced Coverage – When your sprinkler system is faulty, your lawn will experience reduce coverage, leading to wilting plants, dead grass patches, and a brown lawn. Overgrown landscaping, weeds, and other issues may also become a factor in reducing your irrigation system’s coverage, which may not cause repairs to the sprinkler system, but may require careful lawn care.

If you need a sprinkler repair company in Spring, TX, that you can rely on, don’t hesitate to call us. We can solve any sprinkler system issues before they turn into bigger issues that will cost you more money. Let’s solve it now. Call us.

Sprinkler Repair Near Me

Many companies are offering sprinkler repairs in and around Spring, TX, but there is only one Planet Green TX. We’re more than just a sprinkler system maintenance company. We’re absolutely passionate about sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation to give you the landscape of your dreams. As most locals know, Texas can be a tough place on your precious lawn, especially when we often face hot days. We believe that no lawn should endure due to the weather without the water it needs. Our repair service for sprinklers is second to none. We always take the extra mile to make sure your system is up and running again with minimal delays in your gardening work.

We rarely come across a sprinkler issue that we haven’t seen or fixed before. So, even if you have an unexpected sprinkler system issue, you can rely on us to find the answer. We will take a look and let you know about the best solutions you need to consider.

Our repair team is committed to providing quick, friendly service to each of our customers. When you call us, we’ll start by assessing the damage to your sprinkler system. After determining what you need, whether it’s a new sprinkler head, a pipe that needs to be repaired, or something else, we’ll take whatever steps are needed to get your sprinkler system up and run again quickly.

So, don’t let your lawn cook in the heat. Contact us for the most reliable sprinkler repair in Spring, TX. We are passionate sprinkler repair professionals that you can rely on to get the job done. With proper sprinkler system support, you can have a healthy lawn that will be your neighbors’ envy. Learn more about Sprinkler Repair Near Me

Best Irrigation Services

Put down the hose in the garden. A professionally installed and designed irrigation system is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your landscape lush and vibrant all year round. Suppose you want to escape the challenge of keeping a consistent irrigation plan. In that case, the automatic underground sprinkler system will do the heavy work for you. It is really one of the most guaranteed investments you could make for your home or business property, providing the most efficient, convenient, and cost-effective way to maintain a healthy lawn. The sprinkler system is your country’s insurance policy.

The summers in Texas tend to be long, hot, and humid. Luckily, one of the greatest advantages of having an irrigation system installed is that owners could easily keep their gardens and lawns hydrated without having to be under the heat or against the weather. Instead, you can take pride in a beautiful yard free from the trouble of watering it on your own with minimal effort.

Choose an experienced irrigation company for all your irrigation needs. Call us today at Planet Green TX.

Sprinkler Winterization

Winterization is one of the most essential services for any sprinkler system. Winterizing is necessary to protect your irrigation system from freezing during the winter months.

Freezing temperatures could cause a lot of damage to your property and the sprinkler system. Just as it is important to protect your inner pipes and insulate your home, you need to winterize your sprinkler system. Sprinkler heads, valves, and pipes are exposed to extreme temperatures and weather all winter. Water left in your system may crack the sprinklers or strain the pipes without any visible damage. This can cause leakage or damage to the equipment when you return to the spring using your sprinkler system.

You could also prepare your lawn for the harsher, colder weather. Correct fertilization and aeration of all grassy areas will make room for cool-season or cool-weather grass-type seed. Once this is done, you’re going to be able to water and rake the lawn. This process will prepare the grass for the frosty period. You will see new growth and ample moisture during this time, helping prevent drying out and keeping your yard from developing dead patches.

Let Planet Green TX provide you with the necessary wintering service that your irrigation system needs. We drain your backflow unit with the hibernation process, shut off all valves and test cocks, and open the internal backflow to dry. Call us today!

Gutter Installation

Gutters protect your investment in several ways. The installation of a quality gutter system is vital to ensure that your home’s value is maintained. Your gutters protect your home by guarding the soil around your foundation, ensuring that the foundation remains stable, with no erosion below it. This will protect you from flooding beneath your slab and protect the turf and the gardens around your foundation.

Guttering also protects your walls, sidings, and masonry against water damage. Your driveway, pathways, fences, and patios are all protected by your guttering. Guttering protects every part of your home from deterioration and protects against mold growth.

When you come to Planet Green TX, we make sure you get the new gutters you need to enjoy your home with peace of mind.

One stands out from the rest of the world of gutter products, and we’re talking about seamless gutters. Here’s why:

No seams, no snags.

The keyword with gutters is “flow.” When twigs, leaves, and other bits of debris are snagged in the seams of traditional gutters, they catch other debris until you have a full-stop dam in your gutters. There are far fewer snag points with seamless gutters.

Less maintenance.

Gutters are created to carry their own weight and a medium amount of rainwater. When bits of debris are trapped between the jointed sections, this soggy mess of decomposing organic material can weigh as much as the average adult on your gutters — day in, day out, until they are cleaned.

With fewer joints and no seams, seamless gutters have much less build-up and no sags, making them easier to manage.

Reduced Chance of Leaks.

When an owner sees water spots on their ceiling, they often assume a hole in the roof. But the most likely culprit is a broken or overflowing gutter that drips water through the eaves. By going seamlessly, the risk of leakage is greatly reduced.


Since seamless gutters do not grind the weight of leaves, pine needles, and organic debris, there is less warping, which means a longer-lasting gutter system.

Schedule an appointment with us at Planet Green TX now and see which option is right for your next gutter installation.

Yard Drainage Systems

Excess water can damage your property, kill off plant life, and even damage your home’s foundation. By the time you notice a problem, likely, the damage has already occurred. Preventiveness is, therefore, key. By providing you with the right drainage solutions, you can protect your landscape and your investment.

Trust us in your drainage needs! We assess your outdoor space and take note of any areas of concern. Then we’ll customize the solution to fit your lawn. Our drainage systems protect your landscaping and the integrity of your foundation.

Maximizing Your Investment

Do you think your lawn is infested with mosquitoes? Standing water could be blamed, as these and other such pests use it as a breeding ground. The solution is in the form of one of our drainage systems. We can virtually eliminate the pools of water that have occurred on your property. From your gutters to your lawn, you will notice a sharp decline in insect activity.

Taking advantage of one of our drainage systems provides peace of mind and improves your lawn’s overall quality.

Spring Drainage Solutions

If the lawn has a drainage problem, we will complete a detailed inspection and an action plan to correct it. If you have an irrigation system placed, we could test it to ensure it distributes the water where it needs to go. Finally, if you are renovating your yard, rely on our expertise for comprehensive, integrated solutions that look great and promote a healthy garden.

In short, we’re your partner for all your landscaping requirements. Our company has years and years of experience catering to home and property owners in Spring, TX, and nearby areas. We offer fair pricing, honest communication, and top-notch expertise every step of the way.

Find out why we are the Spring homeowner’s choice for any outdoor property and maintenance needs. Call us today and let us do the heavy work for you.

With our skills and experience, no drainage work is too big or too small for us to handle. Our streak of quality workmanship and excellent customer service can tell why we are Spring’s favorite landscaping company.

Drainage Installation Spring Texas

Water is essential for the health of any lawn. Just as your grass needs enough water, it’s equally critical to have proper drainage systems. Too much water could lead to several issues that affect your grass’s health and your property’s integrity.

Obtaining the perfect balance between too much and just enough water needs considerable expertise. In the end, there is no substitute for the experience of knowledgeable landscaping professionals. We help our clients solve complex irrigation challenges, ensuring that their lawns stay healthy and beautiful for years to come.

We at Plant Green Irrigation have been developing landscaping solutions to the most challenging water problems in and around the Spring, TX, area for years. Our lawn drainage contractors can inspect your property, identify the issues, and develop a customized lawn drainage solution to protect the landscaping and damage structures. We could also inspect your existing irrigation system to see if it distributes water to your property as efficiently as possible. Planet Green TX can create a landscape drainage solution that meets your needs. Call us today. Learn more about  Drainage Installation

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Note: You must be licensed to install, test or repair a backflow prevention device or cut into a mainline.  Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, (TCEQ) (MC-178), P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087. TCEQ’s web site is www.tceq.state.tx.us

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